Basic Attack and Defence in Tekken

As with any fighting game, a player must attack their opponent to win in Tekken. However, a player must also defend to avoid taking damage. Players must therefore pick their moments and know when to attack and when not to attack, employing various strategies (or "strats") in the process to defeat the opponent.

In Tekken, four notations are assigned to each limb: 1 is left punch, 2 is right punch, 3 is left kick, and 4 is right kick. Other notations, such as "+" (at the same time as) or "," (then) are used to show how moves are executed (e.g. 1+2 is left punch and right punch at the same time; 3, 4 is left kick then right kick). See our notation chart for a full guide on move notations.

Attacks can be blocked with a standing guard (hold b) or a crouching guard (hold d or d/b), depending on the level of the hit.

  • Most attacks in Tekken are high, mid or low.
  • A standing guard will block highs and mids, but will be vulnerable to lows and throws.
  • A crouching guard will avoid highs and throws and block lows, but will be vulnerable to mids. to toggle more info on throws.
  • Lows can also be low parried by crouching forward (tapping d/f) in time with the attack.
  • Most characters have at least one special mid. These can be blocked by either a standing or crouching guard.
  • All characters have unblockable attacks, which are generally avoided by sidestepping or sidewalking.
  • All characters also have power crushes. These are special attacks that absorb highs and mids, but can be interrupted by lows, throws and rage arts (more on these in "Rage arts and rage drives").

In Tekken 7, each character begins the round with 175 health points (HP). Once a character's HP drops to around 20%, they enter rage, at which point they are surrounded by a red aura and their health bar flashes red.

  • During rage, players have access to powerful attacks known as rage arts and rage drives, during which the character is covered in blue energy.
  • Rage arts are power crushes that also absorb lows and throws; they cannot be interrupted.
  • While rage drives are also powerful, they can be interrupted and even absorbed by power crushes just like most attacks.