Circuit Finals to take place at the Kenya Cultural Centre

The final tournament for Season Two of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit will be taking place at the Kenya Cultural Centre, along Harry Thuku Road in the Nairobi CBD on Saturday, 1 September 2018. The tournament will see the Top 16 players from the Qualifiers battle it out for prizes provided by our sponsors for the season, Dell EMC Kenya. The winner of the Finals will be going home with a brand new gaming laptop, while second and third place will receive an Alienware headset and a gaming backpack, respectively.

The tournament is scheduled to run from 9:30 AM to 6:15 PM, with every single set played on the split-screen setup usually reserved for the Winners' Final, Losers' Final and Grand Final. The Premier Division Playoffs will take place on the side from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM, after which attendants will be free to throw down in casual play and watch the action from the Circuit Finals.

For this event, an additional 2 fighting games (Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Injustice 2) will be made available for attendants to experience alongside Tekken 7. Entry for spectators is completely free.

With the draws for the Finals and the Playoffs having already been conducted, the tournament will begin with the following sets:

Premier Division Playoffs

P = Premier Division; C = Challenger Division
Time Fixture
09:30 AM Mugi (P23) vs Deno_dev (C1)
Dice1533 (P22) vs Stanley Styler (C2)
09:45 AM Dawa Jr. (P24) vs Lowlife (C3)
PseudoDude (P21) vs AlphaPlay | SlyFacEd (C4)

Circuit Finals - Round of 16

Time Fixture
09:30 AM Vega (5) vs Poker Face (11)
09:45 AM Tiz (8) vs AlphaPlay | PR1EST (9)
10:00 AM DVK (2) vs Flurryfists (16)
10:15 AM AlphaPlay | Mickey (1) vs In4red (10)
10:30 AM Darktempest (7) vs Proto-G (14)
10:45 AM Frost (6) vs Battousai (13)
11:00 AM AlphaPlay | Simba (4) vs RMP | Shoryuken (15)
11:15 AM Xstar (3) vs Furious Monkey (12)

We hope to see the FGC come out and show their support for the players and the TEKKEN 254 Circuit. Get ready for the next battle!