DVK scraps US university plans; opts to remain in Kenya

DVK during a match at the Finals for Season Two of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit on 1 September 2018

TEKKEN 254 founder and president Davy Kamanzi, also known as DVK, announced in a tweet today that his plans to attend university in the United States, which had long been known within the community, "have changed," adding that he'll be "staying in Kenya." Explaining his decision, he added that "personal circumstances just didn't favour that route."

The decision leaves DVK available to continue running events with TEKKEN 254 and compete in Season Three of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit. He qualified for the Season Two Finals in second place overall with 65 points, but came fourth in the Savanna Majors after losing to eventual runner-up AlphaPlay | PR1EST (now known as AlphaPlay | Kolovrat) in the Losers' Semi-Final.