Tekken action set to begin at the AEC Kenya National Qualifiers

A game of FIFA 19 taking place during the AEC Kenya National Qualifiers at K1 Klub House in Westlands, Nairobi.
(Photo: Africa eSports Championship Kenya)

After two weeks of FIFA 19 at the Kenya National Qualifiers of the newly-formed African eSports Championship (AEC), the competition for Tekken 7 is set to begin this Saturday, 20 April at the K1 Klub House in Westlands, Nairobi. The AEC was first announced on Twitter in November 2018, with representatives from 24 countries set to converge in Kenya for the inaugural continental finals this August.

The proceedings this Saturday will be part of TV shows being produced by What's Good Studios, who are among the AEC's Kenyan partners for this year's edition.

Frost (left), AP | Mickey (middle) and DVK, who finished in the Top 3 at Qualifiers Two and Three of the TEKKEN 254 Circuit this season, will be among the 8 competitors for Tekken 7 at the AEC Kenya National Qualifiers

For this year's qualifiers, the competition's organisers decided to invite 8 participants from the TEKKEN 254 Circuit to battle it out for the available 2 slots in the continental Tekken 7 finals. TEKKEN 254 founder and president DVK and vice president Lord Vega will be taking part, alongside reigning Circuit champion AP | Mickey and his AlphaPlay team-mate AP | PR1EST. The four will be joined by Frost, RMP | Shoryuken, Stanley Styler and XiT | QueenArrow.

Alongside the qualifiers, the competition's organisers this week also announced a "wildcard tournament" for additional players to compete in, with the winner earning an additional slot to represent Kenya at the continental finals.