Preliminary Fight Night rankings released

As you may have already noticed, we announced a new championship series known as Savanna Fight Night (SFN) on 29 May 2020 with a FT10 between two of Kenya's best players, Mickey and MM | Frost, which ended 10-4 in favour of the former (click here to watch the full set). The series was created as a replacement for the Hall of Pain (HoP), which remained largely inactive since it began in 2018.

Using a lineal ranking system modelled on those used in combat sport competitions such as the UFC, SFN was introduced to maintain a competitive spirit within and foster rivalries amongst players in the community, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has affected nations the world over and forced players to take their scraps online. Registration was opened to players across the East African Community (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan) on 1 June 2020.

The preliminary SFN rankings have been established based on each player's points-per-tournament (ppt) ratio on the TEKKEN 254 Circuit, with new players starting from the bottom of the leaderboard and establishing themselves within the lineal ranking system going forward. The preliminary rankings are as follows:

(Pts = Total points acquired in tournaments; Pld = Tournaments played)
Pos. Pseudonym Points per tournament (ppt)
Ratio Pts Pld
1 Mickey 23.18 ppt 394 17
2 WTCH | DVK 17.59 ppt 299 17
3 MM | Frost 15.13 ppt 227 15
4 SU | Darktempest 12.67 ppt 190 15
5 Xstar 12.18 ppt 207 17
6 Hattori 11.25 ppt 135 12
7 T-Vets | Battousai 10.46 ppt 136 13
8 T-Vets | Poker Face 8.23 ppt 107 13
9 T-Vets | Nixx Fury 7.82 ppt 133 17
10 RMP | Harem Shoryu 7.43 ppt 104 14
11 BDG | QueenArrow 4.53 ppt 68 15

The fight card for SFN 1 will be finalised on Thursday, 11 June 2020, with challenges being issued until the end of day on Wednesday, 10 June 2020.

To find out more or register, visit our SFN page.