Code of Conduct adopted across Savanna FGC forums and competitions

Savanna FGC has introduced an expanded Code of Conduct (CoC) to govern the behaviour of players and wider community members across its forums and competitions, with the aim of making the community safer and more inclusive for all. The move was necessitated following an incident between three current competitors of Savanna Fight Night (SFN) that resulted in a temporary ban. The CoC was adapted from the Fighting Game Community (FGCTO) Code of Conduct as updated at 3 pm ET on 29 January 2021, with modifications made in consultation with members of the community.

The consultation process also saw the establishment of a Disciplinary Committee, which is tasked with investigating violations of the CoC and making recommendations for disciplinary action. It consists of seven members who were elected by community vote. The members are as follows:

A general CoC was created to govern our community forums, with adaptations made for the rules and regulations of both the Savanna Circuit and Savanna Fight Night. You can view the Community Forums CoC by clicking here.

As a brand, we hope that these changes will foster a more welcoming environment for everyone wishing to engage with like-minded individuals in our forums and participate in our competitions, while serving as an example that other gaming communities and organisations in the region can follow.